Rebekka Ruétz

Rebekka Ruetz

Rebekka Ruétz was born in 1984 in Austria and has devoted her life to fashion and design. In 2008 she graduated at the AMD fashion academy Munich. During her studies Rebekka Ruétz lived and worked in New Delhi, India, where she found inspiration for her future work. Also in 2008 the designer won the Cognos Relevance Award as Best Graduate. After her studies she worked for the successful British fashion label PETER PILOTTO.

In 2009 Rebekka Ruétz founded her own fashion label and now meets the world of fashion design with an incomparable point of view: on the inside of the designers clothing a hidden treasure awaits the wearer. She uses her knowledge in the field of systemic constellation and her education at the TCM-Institute of Heidelberg to influence her work. The strategically positioned chakra flock prints are said to positively stimulate the energy centres (chakras in Sanskrit) within the wearer’s body. This unique concept appeals to the requirements of an open generation who wants to be moved beyond the obvious and visible.